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Insurance companies often let down wildfire survivors

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – March 7, 2018

Although it has been nearly five months since devastating wildfires damaged thousands of California homes, thousands residents are still struggling to get their insurance providers to pay their damages. Many policyholders are realizing an uncomfortable, frustrating truth: That their insurance companies do not want to fulfill their promises. Insurance companies are not your friend Californians… read more

California to investigate Aetna’s insurance claims process

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – February 20, 2018

The insurance commissioner of California is currently investigating the insurance provider Aetna regarding statements made by the company’s former medical director. In a recent deposition, the medical director stated that in all his time at Aetna, he never looked at clients’ medical records when he was assessing whether to approve or deny care. It is… read more

Fire insurance: A primer for Californians

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – February 5, 2018

Californians have only recently begun to piece their lives back together after last fall’s spate of wildfires spread property damage throughout the state. There are many serious tasks to deal with, such as finding a new place to live and recovering lost property. Another important step that wildfire victims will have to take care of… read more