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Category: Homeowner’s Insurance

What is Concurrent Causation?

Bad Faith Insurance,Car Insurance Claims,Homeowner's Insurance – October 17, 2022

Concurrent causation is a common concern for many individuals suffering from losses experienced after a destructive event, often to property. While the specifics of concurrent causation may be confusing and overwhelming, those affected often rely on the help of San Diego insurance attorneys to help them navigate the specifics of insurance coverage. Call Dawson and… read more

How to Dispute a Home Insurance Claim

Homeowner's Insurance – November 30, 2020

If you have made a homeowner’s insurance claim that has subsequently been denied by the insurance carrier, you have every right to dispute the denial. However, these claims can become complicated, and it is crucial that you work with a skilled California homeowner’s insurance claim denial attorney as soon as possible. Here, we want to… read more

Top Reasons for a Property Insurance Claim Denial

Homeowner's Insurance – November 23, 2020

If you believe your homeowners’ insurance claim was wrongfully denied, you have options. One of your first moves should be to seek assistance from a skilled homeowner’s insurance claims attorney who can help you navigate the reasons for the denial and assist you in moving forward with your claim. However, it is crucial to look… read more