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Category: Car Insurance Claims

Geico Denied my Insurance Claim

Bad Faith Insurance,Car Insurance Claims,Insurance Claims,Our Blog – April 4, 2023

It is illegal to drive without proper auto coverage in California. With drivers collectively paying billions in auto coverage annually, it seems that insurance companies would honor insurance claims with fair compensation after an automobile accident. Unfortunately, claim denial happens too often. It is essential to understand why Geico may have denied your insurance claim…. read more

What To Do After Your Car Insurance Claim is Denied

Bad Faith Insurance,Car Insurance Claims – February 21, 2023

Car accidents can be stressful, painful, and expensive events. Vehicle repairs and replacements, property damage, physical injuries, and emotional trauma can be devastating financially. Since you have insurance, you are relieved that these costs will not have to come out of your pocket.  Indeed, it is a relief until your insurance company unexpectedly denies your… read more

Understanding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Car Insurance

Car Insurance Claims – January 23, 2023

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) car insurance, or no-fault insurance, is available to cover medical bills and other expenses related to an automobile accident, no matter who is at fault. The insurance covers the driver, policyholder, and their passengers, even if they lack health insurance.  What are the Policy Limits? Sometimes, medical care expenses can mount… read more

What is Concurrent Causation?

Bad Faith Insurance,Car Insurance Claims,Homeowner's Insurance – October 17, 2022

Concurrent causation is a common concern for many individuals suffering from losses experienced after a destructive event, often to property. While the specifics of concurrent causation may be confusing and overwhelming, those affected often rely on the help of San Diego insurance attorneys to help them navigate the specifics of insurance coverage. Call Dawson and… read more

Car Insurance Bad Faith After a DUI Accident

Car Insurance Claims – December 17, 2021

’Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry, but if someone has gone too far with the holiday spirit and gets behind the wheel, a drunk driving accident could be the aftermath.  Unfortunately, the winter holidays are prime time for these accidents throughout California. In fact, more than 40 percent of highway deaths over… read more