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Dawson and Rosenthal
Dawson and Rosenthal

Case Results


Ceimo v. Paul Revere

Over $87 million verdict against UnumProvident for systematically denying disability benefits with the aim of increasing profits.


Nardelli v. MetLife Auto & Home

Over $55 million verdict against Metlife Auto and Home, for refusing to replace an insured's vehicle as part of a corporate plan to significantly increase company profits.s.


Leavey v. UnumProvident

$20 million verdict against UnumProvident for unjustly closing an existing disability claim, then attempting to cover up the decision.


Garnier v. American Reliable Insurance Company

A jury returned an $18 million award for two sisters who had been in a five-year legal battle with their insurance companies over the bad faith handling of their property damage following a flood.


McKendry v. General American

Over $17 million verdict against Paul Revere and General American Insurance Company for terminating the disability benefits of a policyholder suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Monacelli v. Gems Ins. Co.

$16 million awarded to married policyholders who had their medical insurance canceled after the husband was diagnosed with cancer.


McClure v. Country Life

Over $6.5 million verdict against Country Life and CC Services, Inc., for terminating insured's disability benefits for disabling depression and anxiety.


Hatley v. Century-National Ins. Co.

Over $4 million verdict awarded to a family whose insurer denied a homeowner's claim for water and mold damage, leaving them in an unhealthy environment for several months.


Granito v. State Farm

Over $2.5 million bad faith verdict against State Farm for accusing its own client of arson and denying payment.


Capriola v. Safeco

$2.5 million verdict against Safeco for wrongfully denying benefits by accusing its policyholders of arson after a restaurant fire.


Taylor v. State Farm

$2.5 million awarded to a policyholder whose insurance company failed to provide promised financial protection from a lawsuit.


Bradshaw v. State Farm

Over $2 million verdict against State Farm for wrongly filing suit against an injured claimant.


Hunton v. Zurich Insurance Co.

$1.5M awarded against Zurich Insurance Co. for bad faith handling of plaintiff's workers' compensation claim, where evidence showed Zurich denied the claim and terminated benefits pursuant to a company policy designed to appease plaintiff's employer, Sundt Construction Co.


Bass v. Geico Ins. Co.

Over $1 million verdict against Geico Insurance Company for withholding uninsured benefits of $15,000, unless policyholder released all claims.


Young v. A.I.D.S. Ins. Co.

$1 million for gross mistreatment of a policyholder during pendency of her claim.


Zilisch v. State Farm

$1 million verdict against State Farm for attempting to underpay its policyholder's uninsured motorist claim as part of a corporate plan and practice.


Cano v. Zurich

$325,000 verdict awarded to an injured worker whose medical condition worsened after his Workers' Compensation claim was unfairly denied.


Dinsbach v. Harris

Jury awarded $180,000 in an excessive force case, with an award of additional fees and costs allowed in civil rights cases to follow. The plaintiff was in custody as a pretrial detainee when a Maricopa County detention officer severely beat her without provocation or justification, hospitalizing her with a fractured jaw and two black eyes. (2021)