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Category: Workers’ Comp

What to Do If Your Workers’ Compensation Claims Is Delayed

Workers' Comp – July 31, 2023

You suffered an injury at work. You did what you were supposed to in getting medical care, reporting the injury, and filing a claim for workers’ compensation. For some reason, it was denied. Now you are worried about the medical bills, lost time at work, and other long-term concerns you have. What should you do… read more

Can You Sue a Workers’ Compensation Company?

Workers' Comp – July 10, 2023

Workers’ compensation is in place to help cover the costs of injuries that occur on the job. The workers’ compensation system is not based on fault but on providing financial compensation for your losses. That does not mean every situation is equal. There are times when the workers’ compensation company gets it wrong and denies… read more

Dealing with Bad Faith in a Workers’ Comp Claim

Bad Faith Insurance,Workers' Comp – August 2, 2022

All insurance carriers, including workers’ compensation insurance carriers, are required to operate in good faith and fair dealing with claimants. What this means is that they are required to investigate every claim and pay entitled benefits to the claimant if the claim is legitimate. However, there are times when insurance carriers do not operate in… read more