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Dawson and Rosenthal
Dawson and Rosenthal

Year: 2023

The Pitfalls of Not Reviewing Your Business Insurance Policy

Bad Faith Insurance,Business Insurance,Insurance Claims – December 12, 2023

Like the people who run them, businesses are constantly growing and changing. The needs of a business often shift after a review of the previous year, taking into account expansions, the addition of staff, or a more streamlined process. Business insurance policies serve as an essential shield, providing comprehensive coverage to safeguard California businesses against… read more

How do Insurance Companies Treat Claims?

Bad Faith Health Insurance – November 27, 2023

Individuals and businesses pay high costs each year, believing that when a disaster occurs, their insurance company will be there, picking up the pieces and covering the damages. After paying a deductible, their coverage will take care of the loss. However, many policyholders are met with shocking responses to their claims, leaving doubt as to… read more

Common Examples of Bad Faith Commercial Insurance

Bad Faith Insurance – November 14, 2023

Thriving business can come to an instant standstill when unexpected events occur. A structural fire, commercial vehicle damage, flooding, weather damage, or vandalism are just a few of the examples of abrupt events that can severely impact your ability to do business. Business owners rely on commercial insurance companies to meet their needs to minimize… read more

What Is Covered by Flood Insurance?

Insurance Claims – October 24, 2023

Flood insurance provides very valuable financial support when there is an unexpected flood. A simple flood can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Most often, if you live in a flood zone, you will need to purchase flood insurance because your mortgage lender will require it (and it tends to be a wise investment). Flood… read more