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Dawson and Rosenthal
Dawson and Rosenthal

Category: Bad Faith Health Insurance

No Surprises Act 2022

Bad Faith Health Insurance – February 14, 2022

We all hear the stories. Individuals go into the hospital for treatment thinking that their bills would be covered because they have insurance, only to receive a surprise bill for thousands of dollars because someone on their care team was not in the health insurance provider’s network. For a long time, there was not much… read more

How Do You Appeal A Health Insurance Denial?

Bad Faith Health Insurance – June 29, 2020

We rely on health insurance carriers to pay when a valid claim is made through our policy. Unfortunately, there are times when insurers deny a claim. When this happens, you need to know the steps to take to receive the coverage you deserve. 1. Determine why the health insurance claim was denied Your insurance carrier… read more