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UnitedHealthcare Denied My Claim

Dawson and Rosenthal have seen a number of disheartening cases concerning companies denying insurance claims over the years – chief among those guilty of this practice being UnitedHealth. UnitedHealth has a track record of forcing Americans around the country into stressful financial situations by denying their claims. Reach out to an insurance bad faith attorney from Dawson and Rosenthal today to for help with a denied health insurance claim.

Health Insurance Giant Exposed in Lawsuits 

UnitedHealth has caught the eyes of attorneys across the nation for its bleak reputation. UnitedHealthcare has a background abundance of unjustified claim denials to those it ensures. One such example is the overuse of claim denial under the guise that certain surgical or medical procedures are “unproven” or “experimental,” despite years of medical and scientific research backing up the efficacy of these procedures.

These issues prove especially concerning, considering that UnitedHealthcare is one of the largest health insurers in the state of California. The company insures over 500,000 individuals across the state, including a large number of students and other vulnerable populations. Not only does it have the title of being among the largest health insurers in California, but it is the single largest Health carrier in the nation. It even owns numerous other health insurance companies, such as OptumHealth.

Other scandals associated with UnitedHealthcare involve a court case it was involved in with TeamHealth of Nevada. Emergency physicians throughout the state of Nevada repeatedly provided emergency medical Services to patients insured under UnitedHealthcare. The plaintiffs sought to prove that UnitedHealthcare did not pay a sufficient amount for the services provided to customers, most notably an infant with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and another child with a ruptured appendix.

A Systemic and Institution Problem

Along with these allegations were some alleging that certain diagnoses are associated with codes in the UnitedHealthcare System that are run through an algorithm to delay and deny adequate claim payouts. Unfortunately, these suits filed against UnitedHealthcare are not uncommon and occur regularly due to the company’s bad faith tactics.

In yet another case, a Pennsylvania woman was left with mounting medical costs and financial stresses due to UnitedHealthcare refusing to pay her mental health counselor sufficiently. Her legal team sought to modify the suits into a class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of other patients suffering similar fates across the country.

The Importance of Insurance Attorneys When Fighting for Money You Deserve

Despite the mounting financial stressors of dealing with such an occurrence, one can take comfort in the fact that San Diego insurance claim attorneys are there to help. Attorneys are able to help individuals prove bad faith by comparing benefits that are due to them according to the policy on file, documenting occurrences of bad faith, and taking UnitedHealthcare to trial. 

To learn more about how a health insurance denial attorney can help you and your family on the road to recovery, please call us today at 619-354-1652 or reach out to us online.