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Insurance Bad Faith Claim? Our Seasoned Lawyers Can Help

For years you have paid your insurance premiums, with the belief that when something unexpected happens, your insurance company will be there to back you up. Now, when you need it most, your claim has been denied, and you cannot see a good reason why.

Work With An Experienced Denied Insurance Claim Attorney

At Dawson & Rosenthal, P.C., we handle insurance law issues, particularly those regarding unjust claim denial, for individuals and businesses throughout Arizona. In addition, we have a law office located in San Diego, California.

Insurance bad faith attorneys, Steven C. Dawson and Anita Rosenthal, work directly with our clients on a regular basis, guiding them through the process of filing a lawsuit for bad faith for denied disability benefits, homeowners insurance, auto insurance, workers’ compensation, health insurance or commercial liability bad faith claims.

Our success in achieving notable verdicts is based on our decades of experience and relentless advocacy in the courtroom. We take pride in our ability to handle cases as trial lawyers, thoroughly preparing for every case to make sure no stone goes uncovered.

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What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance companies, like any other party in a contract, are expected to act in accordance with the “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.” This is a general presumption that both parties in a contract will not interfere with the other party’s ability to receive the benefits of that contract.

Insurance bad faith is considered to have occurred when “good faith” was not upheld by an insurance company. This may happen when an insurance company denies a claim without just cause, when payment of a claim is delayed or when an insurance company fails to fairly investigate a claim.

Despite the rules and regulations, insurance companies still take advantage of policyholders. They are able to lobby for laws in their favor and can use their vast legal and financial resources to back up their assertions in insurance disputes. We use our substantial experience and the evidence we have gathered regarding institutionalized bad faith to fight back on behalf of our clients.

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