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Steps to Take for a Successful Workers’ Compensation Claim 

Workers’ compensation is meant to provide individuals with financial support when they are hurt on the job. Most employers must maintain these policies. However, navigating the specific steps to successfully filing a workers’ compensation claim can be challenging.

At Dawson & Rosenthal, P.C., we work with people who need to file a claim and those who may have been denied the compensation owed to them. These are the steps we encourage you to take throughout this process.

Get the Medical Care You Need Now

Your first priority should be getting the medical care you need as soon as possible. Make sure to get copies of your medical records that you may need to use later. It is also a good idea to document your injuries, especially if you have cuts that may not show up on X-rays. Be sure you attend every doctor’s appointment, including physical therapy appointments. Continue to take all medication as prescribed. Doing all of this will help your attorney prove that your injury made an impact on your life.

Tell Your Employer

It is required that you inform your employer of the incident when it happened or after your initial medical treatment is received. You have 45 days from the incident to do so. This can be done in writing or orally. We recommend ensuring all details are included right away.

Document the Situation That Occurred

As soon as you can do so, write down what occurred to you, documenting all aspects of the incident. The sooner you do this, the fresher the details will remain in your mind. Write down where it occurred, the time, who was around, what was going on, the type of equipment involved, or the steps leading up to it. These are for your notes. You do not need to share them with the employer, but we do encourage you to share this information with your attorney, who may be able to use that information to formulate your workers’ compensation claim.

Notify the Union

If you are a member of a union, they are there to support you through this process. We encourage you to inform them but then continue to pursue your claim and legal representation, especially in serious workers’ compensation claims. Your union may even recommend an attorney for you or may provide you with the support to get the process started.

Hire an Attorney

This is a critical step. If you do not hire an attorney, you may not learn what all of your losses are. You may also not understand the process, miss a critical deadline, or otherwise jeopardize your ability to seek compensation that is owed to you. Each one of these steps is important, but hiring an attorney is not something to put off.

Were you injured on the job? Call the office of Dawson & Rosenthal, P.C., to schedule a free, private conversation to discuss your claim, what your losses are, and what additional legal steps you may need to take.