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Geico Denied my Insurance Claim

It is illegal to drive without proper auto coverage in California. With drivers collectively paying billions in auto coverage annually, it seems that insurance companies would honor insurance claims with fair compensation after an automobile accident. Unfortunately, claim denial happens too often. It is essential to understand why Geico may have denied your insurance claim.

To understand the importance of car insurance in California, consider that drivers in San Diego drive a combined total of over 12 million miles daily. And statewide, California recently recorded close to 270,000 injury crashes. If you are denied an insurance claim in California by Geico, contacting a professional practice experienced in insurance claims can offer expert counsel, taking on industry brokers and their bad-faith insurance practices.

Claim Denial

Geico is required to give a clear explanation of why your claim was denied. Some of the possible reasons for rejecting your claim are listed below.

Who has Coverage

If the person driving your automobile is not covered by the policy, Geico may deny the claim. However, the law in California states that as long as a driver has permission from the owner, an owner’s automobile insurance will cover the driver in the event of an accident. A California auto claims insurance attorney can help you navigate the laws as they apply to insurance coverage.

A Lapse in Coverage

Insurance brokers are operating a profitable business relying on customers to pay their premiums on time. When you fail to pay your premium, your vehicle will not be covered if you are involved in an accident. And failing to add coverage for any additional automobiles you purchase will result in a claim denial in the event of an accident.

Filing an Improper Claim

It is possible that your insurance does not cover the type of claim you file. You cannot file a claim for collision coverage when you only possess liability coverage. Additionally, you cannot make an uninsured motorist claim if the other driver involved in the accident is not an uninsured motorist. 

It is essential to familiarize yourself with the type of coverage you have on your automobile. And it is vital to collect information on other motorists involved in an accident to simplify filing a claim.

Missed Deadlines

Auto accidents in California must be reported within a short period of time. It is best practice to report the collision immediately to ensure your claim process is smoother, increasing your chances of recovering losses.

Disputed Fault

Insurance companies will often play the blame game when it comes to accidents. Securing a California auto claims insurance attorney is essential to assist with proper payment when your claim is disputed. 

Insurance Bad Faith Practices

Insurance brokers are not looking to offer easy payments. Failure to work with insured individuals under reasonable conditions means Geico could be processing your claim under bad faith, which is strictly prohibited by law. Some indications of this practice are failure to communicate, not thoroughly examining a claim, and excessive delays. 

Coverage for Your Insurance Claim

Enlisting the representation of Dawson & Rosenthal, P.C. guarantees that your claim will be taken seriously. We work to uncover any acts of negligence in the insurance industry, helping you collect fair compensation. 


Our legal resources and years of experience work in your favor. We do not shy away from insurance industry giants. You can feel confident in the representation we provide.