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How will an insurer stall during legal proceedings?

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – August 25, 2017

We know that some insurance companies will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid paying otherwise legitimate claims, so it should not be surprising when they are less than ardent about answering discovery requests. The process of discovery is very important when litigating insurance bad faith cases. Essentially, an aggrieved plaintiff is allowed to request information… read more

Elements to prove in an insurance bad faith claim

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – July 28, 2017

Most consumers will agree that insurance companies are not the easiest entities to deal with, especially when it comes to evaluating and paying out claims. Despite the catchy commercials and musical jingles, consumers may not realize that insurers are in the business of offering coverage not just to be there when things go bad, they… read more

What consumers should know about bad faith insurance

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – July 12, 2017

Many of our readers have a basic understanding of bad faith insurance before having issues with their insurer. They may understand that insurers “should” act in good faith and deal with their customers in a fair and efficient manner. While these attributes make for good customer satisfaction scores and could foster more business, some insurers… read more