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Kanye West sues Lloyd’s of London concert policy payment

Over the years, rapper Kanye West has generated controversy and headlines with public statements, his marriage to reality TV star Kim Kardashian, as well as his forays into the fashion world. For the most part, West appears unaffected by the public vitriol against him, but when stories about his alleged drug use are ostensibly being used against him by a concert tour insurer, West is fighting back.

West and his promotion company, Very Good Touring, have brought suit against insurer Lloyd’s of London for failing to pay out on a multimillion dollar policy to cover expenses and damages in the even West’s 2016 “Life of Pablo” tour was cancelled.

The tour arguably received more publicity because of the shows that were cut short or cancelled altogether. West abruptly halted one show in October after learning that his wife was robbed during Paris Fashion Week. He cited failing vocal cords for cancelling another show. Perhaps the most infamous shows came in San Jose and Sacramento, respectively, where his bizarre tirades derailed the shows. West was reportedly placed under psychiatric care for eight days afterwards, and the remainder of the tour was cancelled.

West’s camp believes that Lloyd’s of London has unreasonably delayed payment on Kanye’s claim, especially after he has undergone independent medical examinations and adhered to other investigative requests. Additionally, they accuse the insurer of leaking unflattering information about Kanye, including that his marijuana use contributed to his health issues.

Lloyd’s of London vehemently denies these claims and instead reasons that it simply has not made a decision on West’s claim. The story exemplifies the lengths insurers may go to avoid paying legitimate claims. If you have questions about bad faith insurance, an experienced attorney can advise you.