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Denied Insurance Claim? Find Out More Information About Appealing

Insurance companies are powerful. They have the resources to lobby for laws and regulations skewed in their favor and sometimes they behave unethically with regard to unjust insurance claim denial. For this reason, even the most well-documented insurance claims can sometimes end up denied, and many policyholders do not feel like they have legal options to remedy the situation.

By working with an experienced Arizona denied insurance claim attorney at Dawson & Rosenthal, P.C., you can help level the playing field and take a stand against powerful insurance companies. We bring forth evidence of insurance bad faith, as well as policies and procedures put in place at the company to pressure adjusters to minimize, deny or terminate claims in order to demonstrate the unethical actions insurance companies take.

Our firm has the legal resources and trial experience to take on tough opposition, but we deliver this representation in a small-firm atmosphere. Every client works directly with the attorney representing him or her and cases are not passed off to less experienced lawyers. We take the time to inform our clients and guide them through the process with confidence.

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