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Let Us Help You After A Fire With Your Insurance Claim

When you purchase homeowners insurance or fire damage insurance, you expect to receive benefits if you lose property due to a fire. Insurance companies do not make it that simple. They use complex and ambiguous language in insurance policies to find opportunities to deny claims and reduce the amount of money they pay out.

At Dawson & Rosenthal, P.C., we can tell the difference between a legitimate claim denial and one that was founded in insurance bad faith. We work with individuals who have been mistreated or are being shortchanged by their insurance carriers, helping them fight back and collect the compensation they paid for in insurance premiums.

Our dedication to insurance bad faith is based on a dedication to protecting the underdog. Insurance companies have vast legal and financial resources, and an ability to lobby for laws and regulations that are skewed in their favor. With more than 50 combined years of experience, we can protect your rights to the same degree.

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Fire Property Damage Claim?

The cause of a fire does not change the amount of damages you suffered as a result of the fire. It does, however, potentially influence the benefits you receive from your insurance carrier.

If you review your insurance policy, you will likely see language that absolves your insurance company of responsibility if the fire was caused by arson, if there is suspicion of arson or if a third party was to blame for negligence that caused the fire. An insurance company may also try to deny the payment of all or a portion of a fire insurance claim by denying that specific damages took place.

Just because certain stipulations are outlined in your policy does not mean your insurance company is justified in denying your claim. It may be using ambiguous language to intentionally behave unethically. Our San Diego wildfire insurance claim lawyers uncovered instances of institutionalized bad faith insurance and can investigate your claim to help you achieve the compensation you are owed.

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