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Dawson and Rosenthal
Dawson and Rosenthal

Category: Bad Faith Insurance

Does my homeowner insurance policy cover floods?

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – March 3, 2017

With the floods that recently hit Arizona, it is a good time to discuss homeowners insurance and what sort of water damage is covered. If you assume that your policy will cover you if your house suffers flood damage, you had better double-check. Most policies do not include coverage for flooding. Instead, homeowners generally must… read more

Getting fair insurance value for your comic books

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – February 10, 2017

Most of us stopped collecting comic books once we became adults — which might have been a big mistake. Though the market for rare and valuable comic books has varied over the years, some books are currently worth millions of dollars. Because of this, many serious collectors insure their comic books in case of theft,… read more