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Dawson and Rosenthal

Category: Bad Faith Insurance

What consumers should know about bad faith insurance

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – July 12, 2017

Many of our readers have a basic understanding of bad faith insurance before having issues with their insurer. They may understand that insurers “should” act in good faith and deal with their customers in a fair and efficient manner. While these attributes make for good customer satisfaction scores and could foster more business, some insurers… read more

How a case for punitive damages can be proven

Bad Faith Insurance,Our Blog – June 19, 2017

When an insurer refuses to provide benefits when it has a contractual obligation to do so, an insured may seek a breach of contract claim. While these types of claims are common, there is a separate claim reserved for an insurer’s actions (or lack of action), that rise to a level that can be considered… read more