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State Farm Denied My Insurance Claim | California

Dealing with an insurance claim is no one’s idea of a good time, especially if the claim is denied. Sadly, insurance claim denials happen fairly often and for a variety of reasons. If you have filed a claim with State Farm and been denied in the state of California, there are some steps you may take. 

Reasons State Farm May Deny Your Insurance Claim

There are many reasons that insurance companies like State Farm might decide to deny your insurance claim. The following are some of those reasons: 

Denial Due to Policy Exclusions

If the claim you are filing falls outside the limits of your coverage, State Farm may deny your claim. Some of the common policy exclusions that lead to claims being denied include the following: 

  • Intentional misconduct or criminal activity
  • Expected wear and tear
  • Flooding or earthquakes that are not covered by additional policy additions
  • Acts of War
  • Terrorism

Failure to Disclose Information

To secure insurance coverage, the buyer must disclose all relevant information. This could include things like the following: 

  • Driving record
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Not being forthcoming with a change of address
  • Concealing previous insurance claim filings

If you hold back any information that was asked of you or provide inaccurate information, your claim may be denied. For your insurance to function as it should, you must be transparent with your insurer, even if you fear you will not be given insurance. 

Coverage Lapses 

Premiums for insurance must be paid on time. If you fail to make those payments, your policy may lapse. When this happens, you lose coverage. State Farm will deny your claim if it is filed during a time period when the coverage has lapsed. 

Lack of Evidence 

If your insurance claim is going to be approved, you must be able to produce evidence that supports your claim. If there is a lack of evidence, or the evidence does not seem credible, State Farm may deny your insurance claim. 

For instance, if you claim automobile damages but do not have photographic proof, or estimates for the repair from a reputable repair company, State Farm may be suspicious of the claim and deny it. 

What to do if State Farm Denies Your Insurance Claim

While denying an insurance claim is frustrating, it does not mean that the denial is the final say in the case. There are steps you can take. 

Examine the Reason for the Insurance Claim Denial

If State Farm denies your insurance claim, they will provide a reason for it being denied. Read over their denial and see if you can understand the reasons given. You may be able to find a chance to appeal their decision.

Review your policy

Review the Details of Your Insurance Policy

Review your insurance policy to see if your claim is valid. Your insurance company may believe your claim is under their policy exclusions. If this is the case, it may be challenging to mount an appeal. But, if you feel their denial was made in error, you may still want to pursue a case disputing their decision. 

Provide Additional Evidence 

If your insurance claim was denied because the evidence was not sufficient to support your claim, you should gather additional evidence. If State Farm denies your claim because they do not believe the damage to your car was as severe as you stated, provide them with photos of the damage or repair estimates. 

Pursue an Appeal

If State Farm has denied your insurance claim and you believe it happened in error, you have the right to appeal. The appeals process will depend on the claim and the reason it was originally denied. Speak with your State Farm agent about the appeals process. 

Seek Legal Counsel if You Believe Your Insurance Claim was Incorrectly Denied

Insurance companies like State Farm are in the business of making money. They have legal teams to ensure they make as much as possible while paying out as little as possible. If you feel you are being unfairly treated by State Farm, reach out to an attorney with Dawson Rosenthal Trial Attorneys

Their legal experience and skill may be just what you need to overcome an insurance denial. Reach out today for guidance.