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The Role of Expert Witnesses in Insurance Claim Litigation

Expert witnesses can turn the tide in a case, bringing an alternative point of view that connects the jury with the facts of a claim. Their roles can be critical to the outcome of a ruling. Working to provide support and credibility, an attorney in an insurance bad faith claim will use these witnesses’ expertise to help secure compensation for a client unfairly denied compensation. 

Work with strong, relentless advocates if you have been denied claim compensation in Arizona or San Diego, California. An attorney with an established reputation of uncovering pervasive insurance bad faith will help you tackle what feels like overwhelming odds. Taking on the insurance industry requires a team that aggressively works to secure your claim. 

Proof in an Insurance Claim 

Proof of loss has to be established to win an insurance claim. You understand your loss and how it has affected your life, but the insurance company must also see evidence of this loss. Even with proper documentation, insurance brokers seek confirmation to deny your claim to minimize or avoid payment. 

When a claim goes to court, your attorney can use critical tools known as expert witnesses to establish the facts of the case. The expert witness provides unbiased knowledge and expertise in a specific practice that lends impartial testimony to a claim. What role do expert witnesses play in insurance claim litigation?


Your attorney may hire expert witnesses to provide specialized knowledge while building a case. This witness will have specific insight that can prove a claim, helping an attorney examine all the contributing factors in an insurance claim.


It is common to call an expert witness to testify and offer the evidence to support a claim to the jury. They can break down complex information into terms that a layperson can understand. Their ability to relay the facts unbiasedly can be crucial in settling an insurance claim.


Some expert witnesses may be required to rebuild the scene of an accident or event. They often take the approach of looking back on the incident and tracing the evidence to uncover the factors leading up to the incident that may have caused the event to occur. 

Their ability to analyze evidence at a scene and even develop models reenacting their findings can provide the jury with a recreated event.


If your health or economic status has been affected by an accident, expert witnesses verify the insurance claim by quantifying your loss. A financial expert can assign value to the loss of economic and non-economic damages. Every loss is profound, and an expert can demonstrate to a jury in words what these losses are equal to monetarily.

Additionally, a vocational expert can explain how the injuries you sustained prevent you from participating in activities you were once able to accomplish. You may have once been able to operate heavy machinery as part of your occupation but can no longer do so due to your injuries. This type of expert is especially beneficial when injuries may not be outwardly visible.

Trustworthy Representation in Insurance Claim Litigation in Arizona and San Diego, California

The ability to secure your insurance claim through litigation may depend on the unbiased credible facts presented by expert witnesses. Having the progressive team of Dawson & Rosenthal, P.C. working for you to litigate an insurance claim using the indispensable resource of expert witnesses can secure the benefits outlined in your policy and stop the insurance industry from benefiting from the practice of bath faith in the claims handling process.