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What to do after a bad faith insurance denial

After being denied a claim by your insurance company, it is natural to feel frustrated, confused and upset. If you suspect what happened to you goes beyond a simple denial into bad faith on the insurance company’s part, there are steps you can take to help build your case and seek compensation.

A recent article has some useful tips for what to do after you believe you have been wrongfully denied an insurance claim. Here is a summary:

  • Before making a claim, make sure you understand the terms of your policy. The insurance company is supposed to write your policy in reasonably clear language so there is no chance of ambiguity, and if you could reasonably interpret the language in your favor, that could be grounds for winning on appeal.
  • Find out why the insurer denied your claim. You have the right to this information. Get it in writing.
  • Keep a record of every phone call you make to the company, including when you called and who you spoke to. Also, keep copies of everything you mail to the insurer.
  • If you wish to appeal the denial, do so promptly. Many times, insurance companies impose time limits on your right to appeal. A delay could cost you your chance.
  • Most importantly, find a bad faith insurance attorney. An experienced lawyer who has taken on insurance companies many times before will give you your best chance of getting the money you need.

Being denied your rightful insurance claim is unfair, but you can fight back.