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What is “own occupation” disability insurance?

If you have the training and expertise to work in a specialized field, such as medicine, it may be a good idea to take steps to protect yourself in case you later suffer a disability that forces to you stop working.

One form of long-term disability insurance that appeals to many professionals is called “own occupation” disability insurance. Generally speaking this type of insurance is meant to pay out if a disability forces the policy holder to stop working in the particular job they had before their injury. Even if you are able to work outside your prior profession, you may still make a claim.

As Policy Genius explains, a similar option will pay out unless you are able to work in a job to which you are “reasonably suited by means of education, training or experience.” For example, a disability could take away your ability to be a surgeon, but the insurance company could conclude that you would be reasonably suited to work as a professor at a medical school.

Whatever the terms of your own occupation disability policy, you may left in serious financial trouble if the insurance company denies your claim. A denial made in bad faith can feel like a betrayal after years of paying your premiums and counting on the insurance company to do what it promised.

Fortunately, victims of bad faith insurance have the right to fight back. An experienced insurance bad faith attorney can help you make your case for rightful compensation from your insurance company.