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The Importance of Timely Filing of Life Insurance Claims

It is not uncommon for family members to find themselves dealing with a lot of financial turmoil and massive life changes after the death of a loved one. Often, insurance claims are the last thing on your mind. Yet, there is an importance to filing life insurance claims in a timely manner, and not doing so could lead to financial loss.

How Long Do You Have to File a Life Insurance Claim?

The good news is there is no actual time limit to filing an insurance claim on a life insurance policy. Policies will have a provision in them for when it is possible to file a claim, and most policies have exclusions on when policies can be filed for various types of deaths.

However, there is no deadline for filing a death benefit claim.

Are you facing a denial of coverage or a delay in receiving the death benefit? Dawson & Rosenthal, P.C. works with people facing difficulties receiving the death benefit owed to them. Call us now for a consultation to discuss your case.

What Happens if You Wait to File a Life Insurance Claim?

It is not uncommon for people to put off or even not know they can file a life insurance claim for some time. Some people may be owed funds (you can check the state’s unclaimed property department to determine if you are owed any funds from the death of a loved one if it has been a long time).

However, if you do not file right away, it can become a bit more challenging. The only reason for that is that you need to be able to gather all the information needed to file such a claim. For example, if a person dies and you did not know you were named as a beneficiary on the life insurance policy, you may not know for some time that you have the ability to file a claim.

Years later, you find out that you are owed funds. If, at that point, there are any questions about the loved one’s death and whether the death benefit is actually owed, it can be harder to obtain the verification needed. Other times, insurance companies may simply continue to delay payout until more information – information you may not have – becomes available.

What to Do If You Need to File a Life Insurance Claim

If you learn that you need to file a life insurance claim and you are having any type of difficulty in that process, reach out to our legal team of San Diego life insurance dispute attorneys. You have the right, as the beneficiary, to receive the death benefit, but insurance claims may try to deny coverage. Let us fight to protect your right to claim.

Contact Dawson & Rosenthal, P.C. now to learn more about the legal rights you have. While you do not need to worry about filing a claim even after some time passes, you certainly need to have legal support if the insurance company tries to deny the claim. We are here to help you with all bad faith life insurance claims. Call us today to schedule a consultation.